Justin Bieber on Jimmy Fallon

Justin Bieber appeared on Jimmy Fallon the other night to discuss his new album, upcoming SNL appearance, troublesome tinted windows, and more. Looking flashy in a camo jacket and rockin’ a fresh-to-death haircut, Bieber was on fiya. He also looked super tan, did anybody else notice that? He was on the show to promote his upcoming “Saturday Night Live” dual hosting/performing gig, as well as his new acoustic record, Believe (Acoustic). As I’m sure most of you know, Bieber is currently on tour with Carly Rae Jepsen and Cody Simpson, and the trio are gearing up to head overseas.

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Bieber was more charming than ever during his appearance on the late-night show: He seemed older, wiser – dare I say sexier? – than he’s ever been. He’s got that post-breakup swag that makes the ladies swoon. Bieber talked humbly to Fallon about his new record, and reiterated that he was found on YouTube, not made, and because of that was eager to get back to his stripped-down roots. Check out the new album available now, and be sure to pick up a pair of Bieber tickets below.

Justin Bieber Concert Tickets

Justin Bieber Video for “Boyfriend” Acoustic Live

Justin Bieber Video for “As Long As You Love Me” Acoustic Live