Pattie Malette: Justin Bieber’s Mom’s Age & Other Facts

Justin Bieber‘s mom’s name is Patricia Mallette, but most people call her Pattie. She was born on April 2, 1975, in Stratford, ON, (the same place where Justin was raised). This makes her 37, and means she was just 18 when she gave birth to Justin. Mallette begin posting Youtube videos of Justin starting at age 12, when he won second place at the “Stratford Star” talent show, by singing Ne-Yo’s song, “So Sick.” She continued to do this, so her family could watch Justin’s progress as a singer. It was through these videos (check out some rare throwback footage below) that Justin gained popularity and was eventually signed. In 1993, when Pattie became pregnant with Justin, she was a single mom and many people encouraged her to get an abortion. However, after a turbulent childhood, she found God and chose to keep the child, following the tenets of Christianity. Imagine a world without Justin Bieber? I’d rather not.

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Justin Bieber’s Mom’s Book: Nowhere But Up

In her autobiography, Nowhere But Up, published in September 2012 by Revell Publishing, Pattie outlines her struggles with sexual abuse, abandonment by her father and single motherdom. Her book reached No. 17 on the New York Times Bestseller list the week of its release.

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