Justin Bieber Net Worth 2013

Justin Bieber is massively wealthy. According to Forbes Magazine, he earned $53 million from May 2010 to May 2011 and another $55 million from May 2011 to May 2012. That makes him worth approxmiately $110 million. (Not including the proceeds from his Believe Acoustic album, or his Believe Tour.) In addition to three massively successful albums, My World, Under the Mistletoe and Believe, a delightful biopic-concert film mashup called Justin Bieber: Never Say Never was released in February of 2011 and grossed a cool $100 million worldwide.

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So JB has that Midas touch. He has albums, he tours, he’s been on CSI, he has a perfume. Whatever he’s doing, he’s been doing right. And keep in mind that Justin has only been in the industry for five years and is only 19! Flash foward 10 years from now when he and Selena have a baby and take Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s place as King & Queen of Pop Music. Catch him on his Believe tour, so you can tell your kids you saw him on the come-up!

Justin Bieber’s Investments

Interestingly, Mr. Bieber has also invested in a number of companies and startups. For the most part, he is a silent investor and none of the companies have promoted their affiliation with the pop super star. As of June 2012, in their cover story on him, Forbes reported that Justin had:

Invested $1.5 million in Tinychat (a messaging platform).

Joined with Google Ventures & Bain Capital in funding Stamped (an app that allows users to rate places and music).

Partnered with Ellen DeGeneres as an investor in Sojo Studios. Allegedly, his favorite product is WeTopia, a free Facebook game similar to FarmVille,where players collect virtual points that can be redeemed as donations to the real charities: Save the Children, BuildOn and the Children’s Health Fund.

Invested in Spotify, during its pre-launch period where it recruited many musicians to invest.

And also supports Viddy: Imagine Instagram, but for videos.

Already at No. 3, there’s not that much further upwards the Biebs can go on Forbes’ 100 Most Powerful Celebrities List, but if he keeps on curating that career, as well as his business investments, he’ll be No. 1 in no time.

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