Justin Bieber New Song 2013

Despite the hectic past couple of weeks (another break-up with Selena, another album at Number One, same old, same old) JB still managed to find the time to jump on Maejor Ali’s new song “Lolly” ft. Juicy J and the Beebs, himself. For those of you who are too busy reading about JB to have any idea what’s going on in the current music scene, Maejor Ali is a producer, songwriter and member of Ne-Yo‘s production team. He helped produce two tracks from Justin’s most recent album, and has an album of his own that will be released sometime this year.

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In a slight departure from the singing style on his most recent album, Believe Acoustic, Justin kicks it up a notch or twelve as he raps about sneakers, necklaces, and Netflix. Though there’s a slight auto-tune twag in his usually flawless voice, it’s definitely Justin and he’s definitely holding his own.

Justin Bieber New Song Lyrics

Below, for your practice rapping along pleasure, is Mr. Bieber’s verse from “Lolly”:

Goin’ Al Pacino
Like I’m at a casino
I’m all fancy yeah I’m poppin’ Pellegrino
I’m in the El Camino when I pull up on the scene-o
You know I’m a real OG and baby I ain’t from the tio
You messing with the clique though
Meet me on the 6th floor
Know you ain’t a model, you should let me take some pics though
Windows down, speakers loud
Look down at my sneakers now
Got so many features I got creatures, it’s depleted now
50 for that necklace
Look down at my setlist
Got ya girlfriend at my crib
Watching Netflix, let’s just
Admit that I’m the bestest, guess this
You ain’t never ever on the guest list

Justin Bieber Freestyle

This isn’t the first recorded instance of Mr. Bieber spitting some flows. In November of 2011, during an interview on air with Power 106 in Los Angeles, JB requested they play the beat from “Otis” (off of Kanye & Jay-Z‘s Watch the Throne). He then proceded to kick some impressive flows, ending with the this impressive little tongue twister about Selena (isn’t it always?) saying, “My girl says I’m perfect/she just loves an imperfect person perfectly personally/I think she is perfectly perfect/Get it done abundantly/She wants to get up onto me…” Watch the budding rap God’s video below.

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