Last Thanksgiving we were thankful for Kemba Walker and he ended up carrying UConn to a National Championship. This year we are thankful for Justin Bieber questions on Quora, and can only hope that more of these get the answers they deserve.

If you don’t already know about Quora, it is a Q&A site done correctly. It is very useful for getting answers to questions that you can’t find on Google. Better yet, the answers are from legitimate people, typically in the industry you are asking the question about.

With that said, like Yahoo! Answers before it, Quora also brings out some very humorous questions. This is especially true when you venture outside of professional topics and into the wild of teen pop starts. In this case, Justin Bieber (check out Justin Beiber tour dates).

Without further delay, here is our list of the top 5 Justin Bieber questions on Quora.

5. What makes girls so attracted to Justin Bieber?

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4. What can Quora do to make the site appeal more to Justin Bieber?

A huge part of me hopes that a fiscal year 2012 for Quora is in fact to make the site more appealing to Justin Bieber.
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3. Who is a more inspiring singer: Bob Dylan or Justin Bieber?

There should be no debate here in my opinion. Beibs just delivers, straight up.
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2. What is it like to have a crush on Justin Bieber?

My favorite part about this question is that Quora prompts you to ask specific people via credits. I really want 195 credits so I can troll Liz Pullen.
UPDATE: I have asked Liz. #thankmelater
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1. How do I get my hair to be like Justin Bieber’s?

This is literally a question that runs through my head on the regs. So, I am eagerly awaiting a reasonable response.
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Ok people. Share this blog post with friends. Just do whatever you need to do to help us get these answered. Thanks in advance!