Justin Bieber Recent News: Justin Bieber Believe Acoustic Album

Justin just can’t stop giving back to the Beliebers – in addition to touring extensively, he will be putting out an acoustic version of his supersmash hit album, Believe, called… wait for it… Believe Acoustic. Sometimes he’s beautiful in his simplicity. Other times he’s just beautiful. Bieber has been tweeting about the album for the past month or so. In this way, he’s able to keep the fans posted about how the tracks are coming and when they can expect to hear the finished product. The release date is January 29th, so until then, feel free to gaze longingly at the album cover or practice singing your own acoustic versions of JB’s songs.

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In addition to acoustic versions of eight songs off of Believe, the new album will also feature three brand-new tracks: “Yellow Raincoat” (produced by Justin and Tom Strahle), “I Would” (produced by Da Internz and Aaron Michael Cox) and “Nothing Like Us,” which was written and produced by Justin himself. Obviously fans are looking forward to hearing more of Justin’s unadulterated voice, but it will also be interesting to see another side of his musical abilities. Eventually, maybe he’ll even have as much swag as Kanye and be writing, producing, and singing all his own tracks.

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Justin Bieber Believe Acoustic Album Cover

Justin Bieber Believe Acoustic Album Cover

Justin Bieber Believe Acoustic Track List

Track Song
1 Boyfriend
2 As Long As You Love Me
3 Beauty And A Beat
4 Take You
5 Be Alright
6 All Around The World
7 She Don’t Like The Lights
8 Fall (Special live studio version)
9 Yellow Raincoat
10 I Would
11 Nothing Like Us

Justin Bieber Videos

Justin Bieber: “Boyfriend” (Believe Acoustic Version)


Justin Bieber: “As Long As You Love Me” – For The Teen Awards

Justin Bieber: “Beauty & A Beat ft. Nicki Minaj”

Justin Bieber: “Mistletoe”