Justin Bieber SNL 2013

SNL reported record high numbers of female viewers between the ages of 12-21 last Saturday night, when Justin Drew Bieber made girls across American squirm in excitement as he hosted SNL. After a hilarious opening monologue where he spit game and Black History Month facts to audience members, JB went on to show us that his skills are not limited to singing. He acted surprisingly well, playing the role of himself as well as a Miley Cyrus fan and a pro-abstinence nerd – see videos below! The good news – he looks just as hot in nerd glasses as he does in concert attire.

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This past month has been a busy one for Justin – in addition to his extensive Believe Tour, he released another album – Believe Acoustic, appeared on Jimmy Fallon, and hosted SNL. If that doesn’t qualify him for the title of 21st century renaissance man, I don’t know what does. Just try to sit through the video of him flirting with audience members without swooning and then frantically buying as many tickets to see him as your credit card allows.

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SNL Skit Videos

Justin Bieber Opening Monologue SNL


Justin Bieber “Miley Cyrus Fan” SNL Skit


Justin Bieber Nerd Skit SNL


Justin Bieber Sexy Valentine Skit SNL