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Justin Bieber’s Twitter is a force to be reckoned with. He currently boasts 32,653,786 followers, but generally gains them at a rate of one per second, so don’t quote me on that number. At one point he alone accounted for 3% of all Twitter traffic and a Twitter employee was quoted as saying that there are “racks of servers” dedicated to Justin Bieber. With that many followers, and re-tweets, it’s hard to keep track of Justin’s own unique voice. His tweets tend to range between self-promotion; many, many updates about his progress on Believe Acoustic; and day-to-day tour news: “Back at it. #denver.” Word. One thing that Bieber does do well is communicate with fans. He’s constantly re-tweeting admirers’ posts, posts that often marvel at how fast he is at re-tweeting. Whatever he’s doing, it’s working: in 2010, Klout, a San Francisco-based social media analytics company, gave Bieber’s Twitter account a perfect score of 100.

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Occasionally Justin lets his hair down and dives into what he calls “Random Twitter Hour.” This is where he “randomly” tweets things for an hour. Awesome. Some of the tweets are so “out there” that is is hard to tell if he is joking or if his account has been hacked. (Example: ““Do do do do do do do do do do” Those are the most meaningful lyrics on my album #catchingfeelings.”) In fact, after a Random Twitter Hour in July, Hollywood Life felt it necessary to clarify that the tweets were legitimate.

Favorite Justin Bieber Twitter Quotes & Tweets

These Both Elicited 60,000+ Retweets

“u know when i want to tweet something but u have no idea what to type. yeah. that is happening right now. lol. love u. and im done. :)”

“this is where i think about what i want to tweet next and i got nothing so i write this tweet. yeah. that happened. 🙂 #ImNormal lol. night”

Nothing Llike a Little Self-Promotion

“today @Cellairis.com is doing a 25% off my phone cases with the code Holiday201225 . go get that.”

Chivalry Is Not Yet Dead

“Be a king, treat a woman like a queen”

Sometimes He’s Beautiful In His Simplicity


But Best of All, Sometimes He Tweets Us

“Want to get notified when my new shows gets announced? Track me on SeatGeek (https://seatgeek.com/mobile ) and never miss a tour date”

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