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Justin Bieber wears white Calvin Klein briefs and has nice abs. Other times, he prefers Polo Ralph Lauren undergarments (also briefs, also white). American Apparel briefs also make the short list, and every so often, you can catch him in boxers, but for the most part it’s white briefs. He always has nice abs. Justin wears his pants low, and underwear sightings at concerts are commonplace. Other times, things are quite explicit, like this photo he tweeted in November, in which his pants are decidedly rolled down and the accompanying text simply reads, “Back in the gym.” He also flashed his underwear (does any other celebrity do anything like this?) to a crowd of Beliebers in Spain during the filming Spanish television program, El Hormiguero.

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After Usher signed Justin Bieber to his joint venture label, Raymond Braun Media Group (RBMG), he also assigned Ryan Good, his former stylist and road manager, to be Justin’s “swagger coach.” In other words, as we watch Bieber’s height, swag and career skyrocket, be sure to remind yourself that he’s getting help. Though this doesn’t answer the question of the underwear. Is it Bieber’s own doing? Or is he under strict orders to flash his underwear at opportune times? We might never know, or you could go see him in concert and try to get to the bottom of the issue…

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