Kanye West New Album 2013

Kanye West flipped the script and actually gave his audiences some coherent information last night at his show in Paris. He told audiences he would be “back in about a couple of months,” which the exploding blogosphere (#selfaware) has taken to mean he is going to finish recording his still-unnamed sixth album and then go on tour and then and then and then… What we actually do know is that he’s been recording in Paris with a variety of artists, ranging from The Dream to Skrillex, and James Blake. Mad chill.

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It’s raining great rap news this spring. A few weeks ago, Drake announced his third album – Nothing was the Same and Tyler the Creator publicized the release of what will also be his third album – Wolf. What’s school? That’s what’s school, yo.

Kanye New Album Release Date

Though a photo of an album titled Rich Black America leaked recently, it was found to be false. Kanye recently told crowds in Paris that they could expect new material in “a couple months.” Those are the facts.

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Kanye West Discography

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010)

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808s and Heartbreak (2008)

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Graduation (2007)

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Late Registration (2005)

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College Drop-Out (2004)

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Kanye West — Paris Announcement


Kanye West “Mercy”

Kanye West “Runaway” ft. Pusha T