It’s been silent from the Katy Perry camp for a while, with the singer not releasing new music since 2013’s Prism. Now the 31-year-old pop star has confirmed plans for follow-up record, and is also gearing up to hit the road in support of said tunes in 2017.

During the recent Cannes Film Festival for which Perry was in attendance, she told Showbiz 411: “I’m touring in 2017,” and responded “I’m working on it” when asked about a new album.

Katy Perry New Album Rumors

According to an article by Digital Spy, Perry said she releases albums on a three-year cycle. And, seeing as Perry is known for her anthemic summer jams, a banging new single could get dropped on us at any moment. Digital Spy also pointed out that if a summer single were to appear, it would make sense that a full album will debut in the lucrative months leading up to the holiday season. So far, Perry has registered three new tracks which could appear on the new record: “She’s So Creepy”; “In Flames”; and “Heartache Crusader.” Stay tuned for more info as it is revealed!

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