Let’s face it when it comes to the Monster Ball, Lady Gaga has been a bit of a tease:

45 minutes until I show you the stage! I’m so excited. The Haus has been working so hard, we can’t wait for you to see it!!

Which led to to responses such as:

I am dying of anxiety !!! You are awsome gaga I love you so much ! ♥

I mean a 45 minute countdown to showing a stage would normally be considered excessive in my book, but this is the Mother Monster we are talking about. A mother with millions (18 million in fact by just on Twitter) of Little Monsters devoted to her every song, action and act. So devoted, that there is enough momentum for her to announce today that she is launching her own social network at littlemonsters.com (a screenshot of the current site is below):

LittleMonsters.com – Lady Gaga’s New Social Network for Fans

This will likely be a breeding ground of Lady Gaga fan art, where Little Monsters can upload pictures, edit them and share with the community, and so on.

We’ve previously looked at Lady Gaga tour dates and 2012 Lady Gaga tickets, but now it’s time for the main point of this post…let’s take a look at some of the awesome fan art that has come out for the Monster Ball Tour. First let’s start with the original official pieces released on Lady Gaga’s Twitter account.

Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball Tour Stage Art

Here is an artists depection of the Born This Way Ball Tour Stage:

lady gaga born this way ball tour stage

This looks pretty epic. Mother Monster, in her castle (the stage) seeing over her kingdom (the arena) and it’s people (the little monsters).

Born This Way Ball Tour: The Monster Pit

Zooming in on this image we can get a better look at the most sought after space in the arena: “The Monster Pit”

born this way ball monster pit

What is the Monster Pit you might be wondering? Is it more than just seats really close to the stage? Well sort of, here are the details according to a report by Rolling Stone:

The Monster Pit and will be reserved for fans with general admission
You will not be able to specifically buy tickets for the Monster Pit – it will be a first come, first serve situation for the Little Monsters that “waited all night” and are “dressed to Ball.”

Lady Gaga Born This Way Ball Tour Poster

lady gaga born this way ball tour poster official

Born This Wall Tour Fan Art

Monster Pit Fan Art

born this way ball monster pit fan art
Gaga Tweeted “A fan sent this to the Haus and we all died laughing its so rad. #Truth #MustBeATshirt #IdWearItEveryday ”

Lady Gaga Twit Degenerate Fan Art

gaga twit degenerate rebel fan art
Gaga Tweeted: Monsters who made this? The fan art lately is INSANE. Im obsessed.

Lady Gaga Red Wine and Cheap Perfume Fan Art

lady gaga red wine and cheap perfume fan art

Lady Gaga Fan Art Submitted on our Facebook wall

Used with permission from the artist:
lady gaga fan submitted art

That is all the Lady Gaga fan art for now. Please email more to chad@seatgeek.com if you see any. I am considering doing a ticket giveaway to the best, if I get more than 10 to choose from I will launch it.

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