It’s the news we’ve all been waiting to hear since 2011–LCD Soundsystem is getting back together. Although the band has yet to confirm, apparently “multiple sources” have stated that the group will reunite for several high-profile festivals next year.

Update from 5 minutes later:
While the Internet blows up with joy about the band getting back together, Vulture is busy crushing our dreams. According to an article published late this afternoon:

“…That rumor is false, reps from Murphy’s label tell Vulture. ‘LCD Soundsystem is not reuniting at Coachella next year,’ says DFA Records label manager Kris Petersen. ‘I’m sure some festivals have offered the group a giant tempting pile of money, but there is no truth to this. Can we all just move on with our fucking lives?'”

But we don’t want to move on with our lives! Maybe if we wish for it hard enough, it will happen? Oh, the Internet.

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Possibly headlining some festivals next year…maybe. Sorta. Probably not.

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