The message of 2019 is a simple one, provided you want to focus on the positives: Lil Nas X can’t lose.

The Atlanta rapper sprang to the forefront of the pop music world this year with the massively successful trap-country crossover “Old Town Road.” The song struck a chord with listeners who were looking to get just a liiittle bit yeehaw, and the song’s intentional exclusion from the boots-and-spurs corners of the industry turned Nas X into an unintentional cause celebre.

He’s currently riding high with a record-tying 16 weeks as the number one song in the country. The rapper has managed to keep buzz around the track going by releasing a string of remixes, first with Billy Ray Cyrus, then with Young Thug and Mason Ramsey in an Area 51 raid-themed video. He’s teased possible remixes with Dolly Parton (who seems down) and Smash Mouth. He shared an EP to try and build his name beyond the one-off hit. His hit is having knock-on effects and boosting other country-rap tracks into chart heights they never would have seen previously.

But for all this buzz, Lil Nas X has yet to tour. Chalk it up to a limited number of songs, simply preparing a show or realizing that he doesn’t quite need to tour just yet, but the rapper isn’t hitting any roads Old Town or otherwise in the near future.

Lil Nas X Tour Dates

Outside of a few festival sets at Adult Swim Festival, Day N Vegas and Iowa’s 515 Alive, Nas X has shied away from announcing a tour. It’s possible that the tech-savvy 20-year-old hasn’t felt the need to, given the insane royalty checks “Old Town Road” and the many versions thereof are likely generating without him ever having to leave Atlanta. He can also goose his numbers with heartwarming performances like the one below at an elementary school (or drop another remix with a seemingly endless list of game collaborators).

We should expect a proper tour from Lil Nas X at some point, but it might not come until after “Old Town Road” has dropped well off the charts and he’s finally put together a full-length album worth of songs. Stay tuned!

(Image courtesy of DiFronzo via Wikipedia Commons | CC BY 2.0)