Urban Dictionary defines guitar face as: “The act of making an unusual face while playing the guitar. The look typically resembles a look of pain, intense ecstacy, or sometimes even plain old gas.” And TBA defines O-face as–well, I guess you can check Urban Dictionary for that one yourself. But what happens when you combine guitar face with O-face? Find out below.

Trey Anastasio

guitar face_trey anastasio You can’t have a list of “O”-faced rockers and not include Trey. The Phish frontman basically invented it.

Jimi Hendrix

guitar face_jimi hendrix Relax, Jimi! You’re not supposed to bite the thing. Or are you?

Carlos Santana

guitar face_carlos santana Carlos has been making his “O” face since you were in diapers. And will likely continue to make it until he is in diapers.

Tom Morello

guitar face_tom morello Tom is raging hard… against the machine, obvi.

John Frusciante

guitar face_john frusciante John may constantly be changing bands, but one thing remains the same: he always looks like a howler monkey when he plays guitar.

Eric Clapton

guitar face_eric clapton Sadly, we won’t be seeing this O-face anymore now that Clapton has unofficially retired from the road.

Warren Haynes

guitar face_warren haynes Putting the “O” in soul since 1982.

Eric Krasno

guitar face_eric krasno Founding member of Soulive and Lettuce, Krasno actually looks physically pained when he plays guitar. But, I guess some people are into that. (Photo courtesy J Gullo via Flickr)

Dave Matthews

guitar_face_dave matthews Don’t you get the impression that a long, intense, sweaty guitar solo from Dave would be followed by a lot of crying? He’s just so damn sensitive…


guitar face prince If Prince is this freaky onstage, I don’t even want to imagine what he’s like behind closed doors.

John Mayer

guitar face_john mayer Remember John: for erections lasting longer than four hours, please see your doctor.