The, Lady Gaga’s new “social network” beta invite just hit our inbox, and needless to say, we are excited. This is what we have so far on Gaga’s new website. See also our Lady Gaga tour dates and Lady Gaga tickets pages. Everything below is from the emails I received during sign-up, as well as screenshot from poking around the site quickly. I will update with more information once I have really had a chance to dive into this new site.

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I am playing around with my account right now to see if I can find some invites for you all, can’t find any yet but will update as soon as I have some and give them out. Until then we are giving away Lady Gaga tickets click for details. Below is the invite email I received from them. Welcome Email

Sign-up below for great deals on Lady Gaga tickets


You’re Invited to!
Welcome Chad Burgess,
You’re one of the first little monsters with pre-private access to enter the world of Congratulations!
We’re still building, creating, and designing a place that’s as individual as you are, so if you have any ideas you’d like us to know about, use the “Feedback” button on the right hand side of the page to share your thoughts.
Click on the link below to signup:
Paws up!
Visit Access Code Welcome Invitation Email

I was certain this account would come with some access codes but nothing yet. I will give them to you all as soon as I get some granted into my account. Until then we are giving away Lady Gaga tickets click for details. Welcome Home Little Monster

This is for us. is a place for all monsters to gather, to create, to share, and to inspire.

Without you, the little monster family wouldn’t exist. This community is all yours. So express yourself, share what it means to you to be a little monster, and do it with pride.

Remember, it’s up to us to keep a safe and accepting space for everyone, so please…

Be brave. Dare to create and share your art with the world.
Be kind. Encourage and support your fellow monsters.
Be tolerant. Never make anyone feel unwelcome or judged, treat everyone with respect, love and acceptance.
Be original. Only upload things you’ve created or have permission to post.
Be safe. Protect your privacy and respect others’ privacy. Use discretion if your art involves nudity, don’t post nude photos of yourself or others. Keep things appropriate for everyone, including all of the young little monsters out there.

If you see something that doesn’t belong on, please flag it so that it can be reviewed. It’s up to us to take care of our community. Landing Page

“Monsterfy Me” Sign-up Page

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