Martina McBride Tickets 2012

Friday 7:00 PM Lafayette, LA tickets from $140
Saturday 7:00 PM Bossier City, LA tickets from $122
Friday 7:00 PM Phoenix, AZ tickets from $123
Saturday 8:00 PM Las Vegas, NV tickets from $124
Friday 7:30 PM Duluth, GA tickets from $105
Saturday 7:00 PM Orlando, FL tickets from $73
Thursday 7:00 PM Tulsa, OK tickets from $133
Friday 7:00 PM Saint Louis, MO tickets from $84
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Saturday 7:00 PM Kansas City, MO tickets from $113

While country superstar Martina McBride has had devoted fans for over a decade, many of her fans may be unaware that she just celebrated her 20th anniversary as a professional musician. McBride signed with RCA in 1991 but didn’t really hit her stride for six years until she reinvented herself as a – if not THE – more modern woman of country with her breakthrough album Evolution. Since then, Martina McBride tour dates and record releases have been popular events for country fans of all ages, still appealing to some more traditional country lovers while developing a large following of younger fans with her songs about strong women, love and family.

Martina McBride Tour Dates

The Martina McBride tour in 2012 will have her combining forces with one of the most well-known men of country, George Strait. Although Martina McBride ticket prices have always been some of the highest in the industry, having these two headliners supporting one another is sure to lift both to another level because their acts compliment each other so well and essentially define “universal appeal” to country fans. Strait’s cool cowboy demeanor is still hip for his fans old and young alike, but Martina McBride tour dates have a proven level of pop-crossover appeal that few in the music industry can match.

Martina McBride Ticket Prices

While singles from McBride’s newest album Eleven were released as early as this past summer, the official album release wasn’t until October – 11-11-11 was just too good for her to pass up in this case – so you’ll be hearing more from that album as she gets out to support it in force. It’ll be interesting to see how the average prices for Martina McBride tour dates in 2012 compare to her previous tours.

Martina McBride Live

McBride’s hit single last year was “Teenage Daughters” and it served as both an ode to her own youth as well as a tongue-in-cheek criticism of her own children’s annoying behavior. You’ll probably see plenty of parents with their own teenage kids at some Martina McBride tour dates simply because of the broad appeal newer songs like this and classic #1 hits like “Blessed” have for fans – especially women – of all ages. McBride has taken her causes beyond music, doing charitable work to curb domestic violence.

Martina McBride Live – Independence Day on YouTube

The Martina McBride tour dates in 2012 may not have her exclusively headlining the shows, but she won’t play second fiddle to any act. As one of the leading women in the movement to bring country music more into the mainstream in the late 1990s, Martina McBride tickets remain a hot commodity for more than your average country fan. When you’ve decided what Martina McBride tour date works for you, use SeatGeek to check out all o fthe ticket listings in one spot and find the best Deal Score for you. Questions? Contact us on Twitter @SeatGeek or write