We’ve been covering a lot of pop music bands lately, ie Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, and Lady Gaga. This post will cover something a little different–metal. So today’s hot topic is that Metallica had to postpone their concert in Delhi later tonight. Metallica’s tour has been going on since mid-September up till mid-December and Delhi is their 4th stop after New York, Rio, and Abu Dhabi. The rescheduling was only announced 3 hours before the scheduled concert leaving 25,000 Metallica fans disappointed and angry.

Though the concert has been rescheduled for Saturday, September 29th at 4pm, rumors are that is actually cancelled due to “technical difficulties”. The whole situation caused a rampage to occur in Delhi. Some were reportedly hurt and some even lost their tickets amidst the chaos!

Metallica Tour Dates 2011

September 14    New York, NY    Yankee Stadium
September 25     Rio, Brazil     Rock in Rio
October 25     Abu Dhabi, UAE     Yas Island
October 28*     Delhi, India     F1 Rocks (rescheduled to October 29 at 4pm)
September 30     Bangalore, India     Bangalore Palace Ground–Main Palace
December 5     San Francisco, CA     The Fillmore
December 7     San Francisco, CA     The Fillmore
December 9     San Francisco, CA     The Fillmore
December 10     San Francisco, CA     The Fillmore

*There is the new time and location for the Metallica Delhi concert

Metallica Tour 2011 Ticket Prices

Date Avg. Price
2011-09-14 $206.69

So far, there has only been one concert held in the US, so we don’t have the data for ticket sales from overseas. However, we will continue to update this section after respective tour dates have passed.

What do you Metallica fans think about the postponement? Anybody who is attending the Delhi concert? Drop us a comment below, or tweet us @SeatGeek. We’d love to hear from you!

Twitter is trending on #Metallica right now:

@TheRealMayur: people have been waiting since 4 am at the gates – not justifying rowdy behavior, but strong security would have helped avoid it

@aneeshb: As long as everyone who went for Metallica in Delhi is chilling drinking and having a good time, its all good. Nothing else matters.

@aayushvij: all the #metallica ticket holders will probably ‘Seek & Destroy’ the organizers today 😛