The stars have aligned! The planets are in motion! Modest Mouse, after eight years of leaving fans waiting, confirmed the release of a new album—the band’s first since We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank. They announced the news by joining Instagram and posting a photo of a 7-inch record with the label “Lampshades on Fire.” A song by that name was debuted at a show in 2011, and guess what—that song will be the album’s newest single! The tune is set to be premiered on the radio on Monday, December 15. Of course, with a new album will (hopefully) come new tour dates, so stay tuned for the latest Modest Mouse information.

Formed in Washington in 1993, the band got their name from a passage from the Virginia Woolf story “The Mark on the Wall.” This literary sensibility makes sense given the lyrical mastery of their songs. Though the band released a variety of recordings prior to 2000, the band found critical success in the new millennium. Modest Mouse hasn’t released a full-length studio album since 2007, but the band (and its rotating succession of members) has continued to tour, pleasing old and new fans alike.

Modest Mouse Tour Dates

Modest Mouse Video for “Lampshades on Fire”