Who is Mykki Blanco?

At the beginning of her club banger, “Wavvy,” Mykki Blanco declares herself “Motherf*cking rookie of the year” and by the end of the song, there should be no doubt in any listener’s mind that this is an entirely true statement. And if for some reason, there is doubt, go watch the music video. The video, directed by Francesco Carrozzini (an Emmy-winning filmmaker and photographer) starts out with a sexy, sweaty Mykki, running from the cops in a dirty wife-beater and a backwards Raiders hat. One minute later, there’s been a wardrobe change and a beautiful Mykki sways sultrily in front of the camera, all dark plum lips and long blonde waves. In addition to dropping some great lines (“If you’s a dick rider, you gonna dick ride forever”), Mykki runs, dances, and MCs with incredible talent, all while seamlessly alternating from male to female in attire and overall appearance.

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So where did she come from? Born Michael David Quattlebaum, Jr, in San Mateo, CA, Mykki Blanco ran away to New York City at age 16, and has remained here since (save for a brief hiatus to go to the Art Institute in Chicago). Now age 26, Blanco’s Soundcloud describes her music as “acid punk rap,” though I’m more inclined to go with molly hip-hop performs as a rapper, writes and reads poetry, and is planning on writing and directing music theater.

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And when can you see her perform? If you’re in San Francisco wondering what to do for New Year’s Eve, wonder no more. No other dates for the immediate future are posted, but stay tuned to Mykki’s Facebook and Twitter for updates.

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Also download her free mixtape “Cosmic Angel: Illuminati Prince/ss” (And play it on repeat.)

Mykki Blanco Inspiration

In an interview with Interview Magazine, Blanco says, “I’m not trying to be in the 40/40 Club popping bottles while rappers throw hundred-dollar bills on strippers. I’m just out to make my audience happy, fulfill my creative vision, and be successful on my own terms, which is doable.”

Get it girl.

Mykki Blanco: “Wavvy”