Neutral Milk Hotel Tour

It’s a great day in the world of indie-rock: Eighties alt band Neutral Milk Hotel have announced a spate of reunion tour dates, which they’ve scheduled for this coming fall. The group had previously been on hiatus for over 15 years, although lead singer, Jeff Mangum, pursued solo projects in the interim. As of now, only five shows have been booked for October and November, although, according to the ensemble’s official website, there’re “more [dates] to come.”

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As for the dates that have been confirmed, we know two shows in Georgia, at the 40 Watt Club, one show in North Carolina at Thomas Wolfe Auditorium, and two appearances at the Hostess Club Festival in Taiwan and Japan, respectively, are all up on the docket. With more tour dates soon to be revealed, the group’s fans are wondering where in the world Neutral Milk Hotel will travel next – and when. Tickets are TBA for the moment, but be sure to check back here in the coming months as seats do begin to sell!

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Neutral Milk Hotel Concerts

Date City State Venue
10/22/2013 Athens GA 40 Watt Club

10/23/2013 Athens GA 40 Watt Club

10/25/2013 Asheville NC Thomas Wolfe Auditorium

11/28/2013 Taipei TW Hostess Club Festival

12/1/2013 Tokyo JP Hostess Club Festival

Neutral Milk Hotel Past Setlist

Track Song
1 Two-Headed Boy 
2 Gardenhead / Leave Me Alone 
3 The King of Carrot Flowers, Part One 
4 The King of Carrot Flowers, Parts Two & Three 
5 A Baby for Pree 
6 Where You’ll Find Me Now 
7 In the Aeroplane Over the Sea 
8 Ghost 
9 Engine 
10 I Will Bury You in Time 
11 Naomi 
12 Acid 
13 Oh Comely 

Neutral Milk Hotel Videos

Neutral Milk Hotel: “In The Aeroplane Over The Sea”

Neutral Milk Hotel: “Oh Comely”

Neutral Milk Hotel: “Ghost”