Just minutes ago Freddie (“Gangsta”) Gibbs tweeted the teasingly short “#STR8KILLA2”. This is big.

As a fervent Freddie Gibbs fan — he is my second most listened to artist of the past 12 months, appropriately behind 2Pac [proof] — I know his preeminent, and debut, EP Straight Killa (typically stylized as Str8 Killa) pretty well and realized this should certainly mean a sequel effort is coming from Gibbs. I can envision this being an EP, a studio album, or a mixtape (There is a confusingly titled mixtape released the same year titled Str8 Killa No Filla), which would be the first since his most popular, Baby Face Killa. I’m not worried too much about the format of the project, he’s done well on all, I’m just hoping there is a Str8 Killa project.

UPDATED Freddie Gibbs Confirms New 2013 Albums

Album: ESGN

Status: Confirmed
Release Date: July 9, 2013
Type: Studio Album (confirmed)

Album: Straight Killa 2

Status: Confirmed
Release Date: Fall 2013
Type: EP or Mixtape (unconfirmed)

Album: Cocaine Pinata

Status: Confirmed
Release Date: Late Summer 2013 (unconfirmed)
Type: EP or Mixtape (unconfirmed)

I could be missing something? But I hope not. I did some Googling and didn’t turn up anything on a Straight Killa 2 sequel dropping from Freddie Gibbs but we can certainly yearn as we sit back this summer — snap backs staying banged to the left — and dream of those “Money, Clothes, Hoes“. [SIC,but truly a jam despite it’s overtly lewd lyrics and seemingly immature title — if you want to hear a more sophisticated Gangsta Gibbs check out the surprisingly under-referenced song “Neverending Cycle”. Similar to Big K.R.I.T., Gibbs is smart, lyrical, real, and levels beyond most current popular rappers.]

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I must mention that this Str8 Killa 2 Tweet followed a divergently, but almost equally, intriguing two-word hashtag Tweet, “#CocainePiñata” and it feels unneccessary to mention that anything subsequent to someone speaking, writing, or otherwise communicating cocaine piñata(s) should be quite obviously downgraded in its trustworthiness. Fortunately in this case, Cocaine Piñata turns out to be the name of a confirmed future project from Gangsta Gibbs, suggesting that I am not the fanatic I previously claimed I was.

Freddie Gibbs – Straight Killa II Tweet


What do you all think? Think there is truth behind this tweet? Will our favorite (living) thug be dropping a follow up to his underground classic LP and it’s career crystallizing single National Anthem (F*ck The World).

STR8KILLA2 Hashtag on Twitter

Str8 Killa (the original album/EP)

* Or just listen for free above via Spotify
** I’m not a regular Pitchfork reader, but I owe them for getting me into Gangsta Gibbs and it was this article that did it, especially the line, “It’s tough to talk about Gibbs’ rapping without lapsing into the sort of breathless technical praise that guitar magazines use when they talk about Eddie Van Halen or something, but not too many people can rap the way Gibbs can.”

Songs Mentioned Above

National Anthem

Never Ending Cycle

BONUS Track – Paper

This is a new single from Freddie Gibbs and is completely enjoyable. Again Pitchfork has a good take on Gibbs.
Paper by Freddie Gibbs on Grooveshark

This is picture with Freddie Gibbs looking cool, he just does. He is formidable too, I’ve seen him in person. Gibbs is also impressively fluent with his live delivery, as good as any rapper I’ve seen excluding perhaps Eminem, and I think if he got any amount of mainstream play he could go down as one of the best rappers of all time or at least the modern era.


[N.B. in the original version of this post I listed the album as Straight Killa No Filla in my excitement, as that’s track 1 on the EP and a favorite in my trying-to-be-cool phraseology.]

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What do you think? Is Str8 Killa 2 Freddie Gibbs’s next album in 2013 or will it be another project such as ESGN or the already confirmed Cocaine Pinata. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.