A clock striking midnight, and confetti, for New Year's Eve.

As the saying goes, how you spend New Year’s Eve is the way you’ll spend the rest of the new year. Hopefully, your 2013 will not be spent tucking into Phish Food and repeat-viewing New Year’s Eve (if you must indulge, we suggest When Harry Met Sally as a funnier, wittier, more endurable alternative). Hopefully, your 2013 will be spent with good friends, good music and a house-music headache or two.

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To help ensure the latter, we’ve compiled a list of the Top New Year’s Eve Concerts of 2012-2013. Below, we’ve catalogued the best shows by city, while further down we’ve gathered the best-of-the-best performances throughout the US. We’ve got options for rock fans, EDM enthusiasts, rap diehards, and traditionalists (otherwise known as those attending their seventh Phish NYE show). If going out just isn’t your thing, no blame here: we’ve also included several videos of past New Year’s Eve concerts for comfortable sofa-viewing (at an equally pleasant decibel level). Check out our lists of discount ticket links, and be sure to let us know if we’ve missed anything exciting/new/hypeworthy in your area!

New Year’s Eve Concerts 2012-2013

New Year’s Eve Concerts NYC

New Year’s Eve Concerts Chicago

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Top 2013 NYE’s Concerts in USA

Phish New Year’s Eve Concert 2013

Returning to Madison Square Garden for their seventh NYE go-round, Phish’s 2013 celebration is really more of a mini-residency. The rockers will play four shows spanning December 28-31 – great news for fans who already have day-of New Year’s Eve plans:

Red Hot Chili Peppers New Year’s Eve Concert 2013

What better way to celebrate the year’s biggest party than by visiting the country’s showiest strip? With its year-round emphasis on glitter and champagne, Vegas was seemingly made for New Year’s Eve. Apparently, the Red Hot Chili Peppers couldn’t agree more:

Jane’s Addiction New Year’s Eve Concert 2013

Maybe if you bang your head hard enough the night before, your morning-after hangover won’t feel so bad? Arguably shoddy logic, but there’s nothing suspect about Jane’s Addiction’s performance the night of December 31: You won’t want to miss it.

Kaskade New Year’s Eve Concert 2013

For those already tired of the wind & cold a month into winter, we recommend setting a more tropical tone for your 2013. If you’ve got the means and the dough, head to Miami to catch Kaskade live at Amnesia:

Nas New Year’s Eve Concert 2013

A rap titan, a classic venue, a national holiday (basically) sanctioning partying? One of our favorite options:

Third Eye Blind New Year’s Eve Concert 2013

The windy city will be treated to a dose of enduring ’90’s nostalgia when Third Eye Blind touch down at the House of Blues this NYE. Potential for great sing-alongs abounds:

Pretty Lights New Year’s Eve Concert 2013

The increasingly popular EDM outfit will play an appropriately up-and-coming venue, the Roseland Ballroom, for another of our NYC concerts (we’re trying not to be biased, but the options…)

Pitbull New Year’s Eve Concert 2013

If Kaskade doesn’t do it for you, party-hop over to Miami’s American Airlines Arena for Pitbull’s take on a NYE spectacle:

The Black Keys New Year’s Eve Concert 2013

Likewise, if you find the Red Hot Chili peppers lacking in piquancy – or just plain fun – The Black Keys will also be visiting Nevada’s adult playground come 12/31, playing the night into the new year alongside the Divine Fits at The Joint at The Hard Rock Hotel:

Avicii New Year’s Eve Concert 2013

Because when midnight strikes, adrenaline should be at its peak. Hence, “Levels:”

Past New Year’s Eve Performances

Girl Talk New Year’s Eve Performance

Jay-Z New Year’s Eve Performance

Simple Plan New Year’s Eve Performance

Coldplay New Year’s Eve Performance


Avril Lavigne New Year’s Eve Performance