(Update 9/18/15)
Phish has confirmed their annual New Year’s Eve plans. This year’s four-night run of shows will take place at Madison Square Garden in NYC from 12/30-1/2. The ticket request period is open now, and the regular on-sale takes place on 10/2. Check below for more info!


Phish just wrapped up an epic summer tour with their usual three-night run at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Colorado. Now it’s time for Trey to hit the road with TAB for the fall, which means the next time fans will have a chance to see the jam band is for their string of New Year’s Eve shows.

Last year it was held at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, FL, but the four years prior they made their home at Madison Square Garden in New York City. With low ticket prices but sky-high flight costs to the American Airlines Arena, fans are hoping the boys bring it back to the East Coast to ring in 2016 (especially with the lack of East Coast dates from both Phish and TAB this year).

While so far there isn’t much speculation about where it will take place, two locations have been floating around. Let’s lay them out below:

Phish New Year’s Eve Mexico Rumor

(Update 9/2/15)
It has been confirmed that Phish will be performing a festival in Riviera Maya, Mexico! Although, it won’t be for their New Year’s run. The once-in-a-lifetime event will take place from January 15-17, check here for more information on tickets and pricing.


The band will be taking their celebration out of the country, with a destination run in Riviera Maya, Mexico, at the Hard Rock Hotel. This is the same location that Zac Brown Band hosts their Castaway Festival, so it would be a legit venue for them to perform at. Read more about that rumor here.

Phish New Year’s Eve MSG Rumor

(Update 9/16/15)
Loose lips might sink ships, but the Ticketmaster New Year’s leak isn’t bringing down the epic vessel that is Phish. Just a day after their MSG run was leaked on the ticketing website, the band officially announced their plans to ring in 2016 in NYC. Taking place of Wednesday 12/30 – Saturday 1/2, jam band enthusiasts can request tickets in the lottery between now and 9/28. Tickets go on sale officially 10/2.
(Update 9/15/15)
Ticketmaster leaked a four-night New Year’s Eve run for Phish at Madison Square Garden yesterday. This isn’t the first time the ticketing website has leaked info like this, which makes you wonder if the band is in on it just as another method to tease fans. The shows will fall from 12/30-1/2, allegedly. For folks planning on making the trek to the Big Apple for the shows, now is the time to book your hotel accommodations. Expect official info to be released by Phish soon.


The band will take it back to Madison Square Garden. This is the more popular rumor–perhaps because it makes sense given their past patterns (one year in Miami in 2009 before spending four years in NYC), or perhaps because people just really want them to play there again. It’s close to where the band members live, and as they get older they likely prefer to stay close to home. So far, no supporting evidence for this claim, other than a gut feeling.
Stay tuned to TBA as more Phish New Year’s Eve 2015 rumors surface!

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