Welcome to Podcast Tuesdays, where our D.C.-dwelling friends at MaDCap hook us up with the latest and greatest in the world of music and entertainment interviews. They recently sat down with Dan Deacon–a Baltimore-based electronic musician and composer–to discuss the groundbreaking use of technology in his music, and the future of technology on the world. So, what did we learn? 

Favorite Sandwich?

“I don’t eat any sandwiches–I’ve got a gluten intolerance–unless you want me to smell like I’ve been eating dog sh*t.”

On ‘playing the audience as if they are an instrument’:

“I like to think of the audience as an element in the performance. You can’t have a show without an audience. And if you’ve got this group of people together, you can really create unique environments.”

What are your methods of collaboration, how do you work with others?

“I’m a shitty collaborator. That’s why I largely work as a solo artist. I dunno, it depends on the nature of the collaboration. I think my longest-running collaborator is Jimmy Joe Roche, who is a filmmaker and sculptor and also musician.”

Do you think digital technology has changed politics and if so, how?

“Of course. Look at how quickly you can destroy or propagate a political candidate just by a series of memes. People talk about how the Republican party doesn’t have a grasp on social media, but I think that’s complete bullshit. The same way that you needed Twitter social media for Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street, it’s the same for the Tea Party. That sh*t creates these environments where people can communicate their philosophies, and to refine and develop and connect and spread those philosophies, the same way you do music.”

Listen to the entire interview below, courtesy of MaDCapdc.org

MaDCap with Dan Deacon