Welcome to Podcast Tuesday, where our D.C.-dwelling friends at MaDCap hook us up with the latest and greatest in the world of music and entertainment interviews. They recently sat down (in a planetarium) with Alain Macklovitch–otherwise known as A-trak, the DJ, producer, and owner of Fool’s Gold Records–to discuss scratching skills, collaborations and brotherly love. So, what did we learn? 

What are the range of emotions you go through on the day of a show

It varies if it’s a ticketed show or not. If I’m playing in Vegas and I know they’re full every night, then I don’t have an ounce of stress. I walk up there not nervous at all, it’s easy, I do it with my eyes closed. If it’s a show where it’s up to me to fill up the room and maybe I haven’t played the city in a certain time, then I’ll be more concerned with like, ‘I hope the show goes well!’ that kind of thing.

Favorite family trip as a kid?

“My grandparents had a condo in Florida, the whole family would go on vacation there. One time on one particular trip it was just me and my grandfather for a couple of days… and my grandfather isn’t always very communicative, he’s just sort of like: “We’re doing this.” So he thought it would be nice to show me Key West. So, it was just sort of decided that we were gonna drive from Miami to Key West, which is like a four-hour drive… So I’m in the car with my grandfather, not speaking much… and then we get to Key West and I just sort of wasn’t feeling it, and I think he could tell… and we just turned around and drove back to Miami. Didn’t get out of the car.”

Your brother is in Chromeo. How proud are you of him? And how does the relationship work reciprocally?

“We’re very tight, we speak many times a day. We’re actually quite involved in each other’s careers and music, more-so than I think people realize. Just because we don’t necessarily openly collaborate that much, but we’re just each other’s sounding boards so we kind of run things by each other all the time. Whether it be demos, or decisions, or whatever.”

Listen to the entire interview below, courtesy of MaDCapdc.org