Welcome to Podcast Tuesdays, where our D.C.-dwelling friends at MaDCap hook us up with the latest and greatest in the world of music and entertainment interviews. They recently sat down with Dave 1 of Chromeo–aka David Macklovitch–to discuss everything from early musical influences to 18th Century French literature. So, what did we learn? 

The members of Chromeo are tight with Daryl Hall.

Daryl Hall is an absolute, absolute genius. And we were fortunate enough to meet him and to hang out with him and play with him and jam with him. I mean, we’re homeboys with him… If he comes to town I’ll come see him and we’ll chop it up. He’s one of those dudes that had to wait for years and years and years before getting his credit, and now he’s got it. We’re proud to consider him a friend and a mentor.

David is schooled in 18th Century French Literature. So, Voltaire or Rousseau?

I don’t really like either, to be honest. But I guess I’ll put Rousseau. Confessions is ill because it’s like one of the first autobiographies–if not the first–in early modern literature, but there’s an incredible part where he talks about how his babysitter spanked him and how he liked it. It’s such a classic.

What is David’s favorite song on White Women, the new Chromeo album?

My favorite song on the new record is ‘Lost on the Way Home’ featuring Solange.” (Peep that right here.)

Listen to the entire interview below, courtesy of MaDCapdc.org

MaDCap with Dave 1 of Chromeo