Portishead, the English trip-hop trio, named after the town where member Geoff Barrows grew up, will play at three European festivals this summer. Catch them in February, in Switzerland (sounds cold), or in June in Sweden and Denmark. Awesome. Though they’ve been hinting about putting out a new album since 2008, and even back then they said not to expect it ’til 2010, Portishead’s next big thing is still unclear. In 2011, producer/instrumentalist Geoff Barrow blasted Twitter with a barrage of “rules for their new album”…I guess one of them wasn’t to finish it.

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Before trip-hop (a term that describes the down-tempo electronic music coming out of England in the 1990s, music which combined styles of hip-hop, ambient music, house, dance, and dub reggae) was a phrase people used (but secretly had to look up on Wikipedia to make sure they really knew what it meant), Portishead played their music. Despite their aversion to press, their first album, Dummy, was succesful in both Europe and the US. In fact, in 2003, Rolling Stone placed it 419th on their list of the 500 best albums of all time. Portishead has only gotten better since.

Portishead Concert Tickets

Portishead Tour Dates & Concert Schedule 2013

Date City State/Country Venue
3/12/13 Crans-Montana Switzerland Caprices Festival
6/13/13 Hultsfred Sweden Hultsfred Festival
6/14/13 Aarhus Denmark NorthSide Festival

Portishead Video for “Roads”