August 17th – November 17th

Pretty Lights, the stage name for musician Derek Vincent Smith, announced his “Illumination Tour” for this autumn. The electronic music artist will be performing in more than thirty states over the next four months, including several music festivals. The massive North American headlining tour will be featuring a new production set and “beautifully evolved NEW music”, according to music blog Consequence of Sound. Pretty Lights will also be joined by DJ Shadow, 12th Planet, araabMUZIK, Marty Party, Zion I, Big Gigantic, Lotus, Paul Basic and SuperVision on several performances.

In total, Pretty Lights will hit 41 U.S. venues including several festivals, such as New York City’s Electric Zoo (August 31st), Chicago’s North Coast Music Festival (September 2nd), and Atlanta’s CounterPoint Music Festival (September 29th). The musician’s first two performances in his hometown, Morrison Colorado, have already been sold out. The hype for “The Illumination” tour is remarkable given that Pretty Lights has not even released his supposedly groundbreaking new album – “one that will redefine his sound and take his artistic vision to new heights,” as reported by Pretty Lights’ digital manager, FameHouse.

Pretty Lights released a press release last week stating: “I’ve been hard at work on a new album for more than a year. I’ve completely switched up my process of producing and composing. It is being created from all originally composed samples off of self-made vinyl and all analog modular synthesis. Soon people will see why I’ve put so much time into this collection of music. I’m bringing the true album back. Prolific, conceptual, consistent, yet extremely diverse, and a real substantial piece of music you can sink your teeth into, not a flimsy EP or an album filled with remixes. I’m talking about taking it to the next level and really pushing the evolution of not only electronic music but musical expression in general.”

Pretty Lights’ music can be downloaded for free from the artist’s webstite. As of 2012, it is reported that there have been over 2.8 million album downloads…and counting.

Pretty Lights “The Illusion” Tickets

Friday 6:30 PM Morrison, CO tickets from $93
Saturday 6:30 PM Morrison, CO tickets from $117
Thursday 8:30 PM Kansas City, MO tickets from $68
Friday 3:30 AM Somerset, WI tickets from $113
Friday 6:00 PM Columbia, MO tickets from $181
Saturday 7:00 PM Council Bluffs, IA tickets from $69
Wednesday 7:00 PM Columbus, OH tickets from $58
Thursday 7:00 PM Charlottesville, VA tickets from $57
Friday 3:30 AM New York, NY tickets from $361
Friday 3:30 AM Chicago, IL tickets from $105
Friday 11:00 AM New York, NY tickets from $199
Friday 3:00 PM Chicago, IL tickets from $68
Friday 4:00 PM Chicago, IL
Saturday 7:00 PM Pittsburgh, PA tickets from $59
Wednesday 7:00 PM Missoula, MT tickets from $131
Thursday 9:00 PM Boise, ID tickets from $103
Saturday 8:00 PM Reno, NV tickets from $122
Sunday 7:00 PM Blue Lake, CA tickets from $133
Thursday 6:30 PM Eugene, OR tickets from $71
Friday 7:30 PM San Francisco, CA tickets from $85

Pretty Lights – “It’s Tricky” Live