Although we can’t remember the last time P. Diddy even went on a tour (or released new music), the 45-year-old rapper/producer/’90s icon is making waves regarding a recent retirement announcement. During last week’s appearance on Ellen (aww, we love her), Sean Combs told fans that the next tour he goes on will be his last…whenever that may be.

According to Combs: “I’m gonna go and do a world tour. I’m not gonna hit a lot of places, but the places that I am gonna hit, it’s important for me because it’s probably my last time touring…I’m gonna get to see the world and know that it’s my last time touring. I wanna be here to raise my girls. So that’s the decision that I made.”

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Nothing has been announced yet, but of the upcoming world tour Diddy has said: “I’m not gonna hit a lot of places.” Perhaps he will do multiple nights at arenas in major cities, a la the Eminem/Rihanna “Monster” tour.

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