Swedish superstar Robyn is back with another musical collaboration. This time, the 36-year-old singer/songwriter is teaming up with her bandmate Markus Jägerstedt and the late Christian Falk (not sure how that’s going to work) for a group they’re calling La Bagatelle Magique.

We know that they’re currently working on a new album which they’ll tour behind, but what we don’t know is… any other detail. Currently, the only US show they have on the books is a slot at Treasure Island Music Festival taking place October 16 & 17 in San Francisco. The singer also recently Tweeted out the below image, which we are suspecting might tie into the album’s cover art. Stay tuned!

Robyn’s La Bagatelle Magique Album Cover?


Robyn’s La Bagatelle Magique Tour Dates

There has only been one date revealed for the US tour, taking place at Treasure Island Music Festival in San Francisco. Information for that festival can be found here.

La Bagatelle Magique Tickets

La Bagatelle Magique New Album

Mums the word on the new tunes, but what we do know is that it involves Robyn, keyboardist Markus Jägerstedt, and the late Christian Falk.

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