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Last year, as I stood under Coachella’s oppressive sun, ticketless, wristband-less, hopeless, forlornly contemplating the impenetrable fortress of security, I said to my friend, Megan, “I just want to make it in to see Santigold.” I didn’t ask for much, but I did ask for Santigold, and the concert gods smiled down upon me. A couple finagled wristbands, pass backs through chain-link fences, and friendly exchanges with security about the bottle of whiskey in my backpack, and I was in. And there was Santigold and there were dancing nuns and life was good.

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Last May, Santigold released her second studio album, titled Master of My Make-Believe. The album garnered Santigold a long-awaited No. 1 spot on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums chart, and it peaked at No. 21 on the US Billboard 200. Since then, she’s stayed busy playing shows and collaborating with other artists (such as A$AP Rocky on his latest album – Long.Live.A$AP.). On January 14th, Santigold put out a track called “Girls” for… you guessed it… the Girls soundtrack. Hate Lena Dunham? Still love Santigold. Check out the Disparate Youth and other videos below, and cross your fingers that she’s playing somewhere near you… If it was worth sneaking into Coachella for, it’s probably worth buying a ticket for.

Santogold or Santigold?? WTF?

FYI: Though her first album was called Santogold, if you’re still calling her that these days, you sound like my dad when he’s trying to pronounce quinona. Her real name is Santi White – and from that we get – Santigold.

Santigold Concert Tickets

Santigold Concerts

Though currently, she only has one date scheduled – February 9th at the House of Blues in West Hollywood – stay tuned for more Santigold updates. She has a new album out, and last year she hit the festival circuit pretty hard, playing at Coachella, The Governors Ball Music Festival, Lollapalooza, and Outside Lands, so it seems likely that she’ll be playing more shows across the United States.

Santigold Past Setlist

Main Set

Track Song
1 Go!
2 L.E.S. Artistes
3 Lights Out
4 Say Aha
5 Get It Up
6 Hold The Line
7 Disparate Youth
8 This Isn’t Our Parade
9 I’m a Lady
10 Anne
11 Creator
12 Freak Like Me
13 Starstruck
14 Brooklyn Go Hard
15 Shove It
16 Fame/td>
17 Big Mouth


Track Song
1 Unstoppable

Santigold Videos