The world’s most famous electronic music event is making its American debut at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center in New York, October 26-27, 2012. If you haven’t gotten your Sensation America tickets yet, you’re missing out on one of the most unique experiences New York has ever seen.

Sensation Tickets 2012

You’d be hard-pressed to find a raver in Europe who hasn’t heard of Sensation. The legendary electronic music event, produced by ID&T, has been gracing countries across the pond for the past 13 years. Since being introduced in Holland in 2000, Sensation has shared the ‘experience’ with the European likes of Spain, Poland, Russia, Germany, Romania and Australia, while even bringing the show to the South American countries of Brazil and Chile. The electrifying, energetic aesthetic of the show left people all over the world begging for the event to come to a city near them.

After much speculation, and an undying demand for the legendary production to come stateside, the show’s creators gave into our constant wishes. The announcement earlier this year that Sensation NYC was set to take place on two nights in October, caused one of the nights to sell out in less than two hours. The kicker? The show sold out before the Sensation line-up was even announced.

With the ever-growing list of electronic music productions popping up all over the USA, what makes Sensation Innerspace the event of the year?

Dressed in White

A good electronic music event has loud music, fast beats, heavy bass, vibrant lasers and big name DJ’s that give us all the aformentioned things. However, a great electronic music event has all those things, and a unique theme that ties it all in. What makes Sensation different than other electronic music festivals is the fact that all-white attire is a requirement. While it started out as a way to show solidarity for the death of a founding member of ID&T, the white theme is now used in a way to include everyone as part of the experience through various lighting and effects.

The white theme adds a sense of elegance, grace and unity to an event already so magical. The venue is also decorated to reflect the theme as ravers and lovers come together in a night full of energy.

Fedde Le Grand and Danny Tenaglia

We were lucky enough to catch Fedde Le Grand’s Ultra 2012 set live from Miami last March, as well as his Cosmic Opera Act II set live at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. Now, it has been announced that the Dutch DJ will be headlining Sensation America not on one, but on two nights come October.

Fedde is no stranger to past Sensation events. The creator of “Put Your Hands Up for Detroit” and “So Much Love” has headlined the most Sensations and is ready to stun fans once again. Fedde has undoubtedly been a huge influence in the electronic dance movement in the USA and you can bet his ‘big-room sound’ will keep attendees moving all night.

If Fedde Le Grand wasn’t enough, New York City is home to DJ Danny Tenaglia, an absolute legend who’ll be making his first ever Sensation appearance.

The Production Experience

Brooklyn will be a sea of white the weekend of October 26-27. But unfortunately, New York City residents without Sensation tickets won’t get to experience the wonderful production.

What makes Sensation unique is the fact that it’s an event that focuses on creating a spiritual production experience. Sensation spends months planning, prepping, building, choreographing, and finally at the end, they add a DJ that will compliment and accompany the show rather than be the show. Of course, Sensation is first and foremost a music event with talented DJs, but part of the brilliance of Sensation, and why it’s been so successful, is the way Sensation includes the audience.

For 8 hours the fans feel like they’re in another world. From acrobats hanging from the ceiling to the gigantic props towering over your head, to the fountains, fireworks, and performers that surround you throughout the evening. Everything is there to make you feel like you’re part of the story, and the 20,000 fans in awe come together in solidarity.

Can you afford to miss Sensation America? Check out the video below and purchase your tickets now! See you there.