With multiple Billboard 200 No. 1 songs, billions of streams, and a recent Tommy Hilfiger modeling contract, there’s not much Shawn Mendes can’t do. Turning just 24 in a few months, Mendes sets out on the Wonder: World Tour, promoting his newest release Wonder, and a new sustainable tour greening program. We mentioned a few of our favorite Shawn Mendes songs before, but check out our favorite videos below and grab tickets to Mendes’ world tour.


The first release from the former MAGCON boy, “Stitches” launched Shawn Mendes’ professional music career. After posting covers on Vine and YouTube, Mendes released “Stitches” and stole the hearts of fans globally, mixing the sounds of Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber to cultivate his own name in pop. One thing’s for sure: thank goodness Mendes has grown since writing “now that I’m without your kisses / I’ll be needing stitches.” 


We’ve mentioned before that “Señorita” confirmed the (now ex) relationship between Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello. The music video trended worldwide on Twitter and hit 1.3B views on YouTube as of June 2022. Mendes and Cabello sing and move in harmony from romantic diner scenes to motorcycle rides through the city.

“It’ll Be Okay”

The less-shiny aspect of fame is the global microscope on your personal life — something unique to both Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello in their very public breakup. “It’ll Be Okay” is about a healthy falling out, realizing it’s not fair to stay together but you still “love each other either way.” The music video itself is a relatable, somber visual of Mendes walking alone post-breakup, but the YouTube comments are a stark (albeit nice) reminder that everyone has dealt with these feelings before, too.

“Summer of Love”

Swimming in the ocean, lounging on a boat, “meditation and tequila” — the “Summer of Love” music video is the perfect summer aesthetic. Though he’s singing about a specific person, the video shows Mendes opting for time in the sun with friends and relaxing in good company. It’s a great addition to your summer 2022 playlist.

“When You’re Gone”

Aside from this being one of the best songs Mendes has ever released, the “When You’re Gone” music video is a nice snapshot of where the pop star is today. He’s singing about moving on, but playing in front of the largest crowds his career has seen and producing music he’s proud of — something fans certainly love to see.

Shawn Mendes Tickets

Catch Shawn Mendes on the Wonder: World Tour starting June 26 in Philadelphia, PA. View all tour dates and tickets here.