As the project approaches its 20th year, the artists behind Shpongle continue to find new ways to explore and evolve the music they can only describe as something you’ve never heard before. One of the iterations that Simon Posford (Hallucinogen) and Raja Ram (of The Infinity Project) have introduced for their fans over the year is the audio-visual experience that is Shpongletron, which ran on tour this year in its third iteration.

Shpongle has announced that they’ll be continuing this latest chapter with Shpongletron 3.1 tour dates, hitting 35 stages across the US in just over six weeks this spring. PhuturePrimitive is scheduled to be a featured guest at most of the 3.1 concerts, with only of handful of exceptions during the west coast leg of the tour. To properly compliment Shpongle’s unique music, Zeppler has been enlisted to create the next wave of visuals for these shows, guaranteeing even the most devoted fans another interesting way to plug into the Shpongletron.

Shpongle Tickets & Shpongletron Tour Dates

Shpongle Video for “The Shpongletron Experience”