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Eesh there are only two days left in August. The final days of summer our upon us. Even though I don’t go to school I still feel for the droves of children that must give up the magical freedom of summer and head back to school; the college students that must say goodbye to multi-day partying at music festivals, take their mushroom posters out of storage and say hello to, well, multi-day partying but in much less “gret” environments (gret = great).

With the end of summer, the music festival season also starts to wind down. Considering we have had a lot of coverage on this summer’s festivals and concerts, I wanted to take a high-level look at festival performance and more specifically which festivals sold out.

In a year where music sales actually had some positive metrics it wasn’t a huge surprise that many of the top music festivals and summer concerts sold out. As CNN.com reports, festivals are often the the best return on your dollar considering the amount of artists you get to see live – I quantified the price benefit of festivals with last year’s Bonnaroo event where the saving of going to the festival was hundreds of dollars compared to going to individual concerts. With the record industry still working on finding its identity and role in the modern landscape of music consumption (see Spotify, Grooveshark, etc.), it is exciting that events like Burning Man are seeing ticket demand like never before. Below I have listed the notable festivals that have sold out so far this year. Of course, you can still find tickets right here at SeatGeek.com and make sure to sign-up for our email newsletter so you don’t miss out next summer.

List of Sold Out Festivals in 2011

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Image via Flickr user Legorevolution.