Producer SOPHIE is nothing if mysterious. Her/his single “Bipp” made it onto nearly every Top of 2013 list last year, and we know barely anything about them, minus that he/she plays a lot of dates in Europe. What we do know, at least, is that they’ve decided to go on tour in the United States and Canada this May. The North American tour dates kick off on May 14 at the Middlesex Lounge in Cambridge, MA, and then move through Miami, FL; Philadelphia, PA; Brooklyn, NY; Montreal, QC; Pontiac, MI; Toronto, ON; Seattle, WA; Austin, TX; and Los Angeles, CA; with a final show in San Francisco, CA at 1015 Folsom on May 30.

SOPHIE is an enigma, but is slowly taking the electronic music world by storm. This year, she/he played a buzz-worthy set at SXSW in Austin, TX, and last year, his/her songs were named “Best of” in major industry publications like Spin magazine and Pitchfork. Buy stock low on this one now, folks, because you’re sure to hear him/her everywhere soon. Tickets for the shows are not yet on sale, but you can visit SOPHIE’s site for ticketing information.

SOPHIE Tickets & Tour Dates

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SOPHIE Video for “Bipp”