Breaking records left and right, boy band Stray Kids has proven they are unstoppable and here to dominate global charts. After the release of their new EP, ODDINARY, the smash hit mini-album reached No. 1 on the American Billboard 200 albums chart with the largest sales week of any album in 2022. 

Stray Kids have amassed a die-hard fanbase, known as the “STAYS,” and constantly strive to provide a sense of hope and comfort through the lyrics of their self-written and self-produced smash hits. The band invigorates the audience with over-the-top choreography and highly energetic beats that are certain to make you a STAY for life! 

The boys express they can’t wait to dance and sing along with their fans on their upcoming summer “MANIAC” Tour. Can’t make it to the concert? No worries! SeatGeek has you covered with Stray Kids’ best music videos (in our opinion) below: 

“神메뉴(God’s Menu)”

With over 300M views and 6.4M likes, “神메뉴God’s Menu” was a huge turning point in Stray Kids’ career, landing as their most viewed music video yet! Using cooking as a metaphor, the band is proving that their music is certainly one of a kind and has Michelin star quality. The hip-hop choreography is mesmerizing throughout and the vocals leave you wanting more. One minute the boys are firing food up in the kitchen, the next racing on the tracks. We can’t wait to see what else is on the menu. 


The title of this smash-hit explains everything Stray Kids stand for. They’d rather be labeled “maniacs” any day than appear as a boring, ordinary boy band. With crazy camera transitions and out-of-this-world effects, the music takes you on a wild euphoric trip. With explosive energy, the boys are dancing their way through cityscapes and subway cars while dripping in designer wear. The costume changes alone in this video will blow your mind. Trust us, you won’t be bored watching this fast-paced vid! 


“『CIRCUS』” dropped on June 10, 2022 as the band’s Japanese comeback, preparing for their second world tour in Japan. With acrobats, clowns, and evil doppelgängers of the band themselves, this music video directed by Bang Jae-yeob is for sure a three-ring circus! 


“소리꾼(Thunderous)” mixes traditional Korean music elements with Stray Kids’ modern, high-energy sound. In recent interviews, the leader of the group, Bang Chan, stated, “Through this song, I hope people will recognize that Stray Kids has their own distinct color and that we’re artists who can apply our musical color to anything, regardless of genre.” We definitely agree with Chan on this one! Thunderous is an understatement for the storms these boys brew up on set. 

“Back Door”

Although this hit takes a sonically different approach, we are absolutely here for the groovy and dynamic instrumental vibes in “Back Door.” The band literally takes us through the back door of a dimly lit party, showing us they have what it takes to dance the night away. A true change-up from their previous tracks, the catchy nature of this addicting chorus has fans swooning.

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Words by: Paige Blaser
Photo by: Chung Sung-Jun / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images