Sugarland Songs

Since their debut album dropped in 2004, Sugarland has become country music’s darling duo. While they haven’t released an album in over two years, they have remained relevant playing at many of the industry’s top events. Their last studio album, The Incredible Machine, featured hits “Tonight,” “Stuck Like Glue” and “Little Miss.”  Sugarland’s most popular album, Love on the Inside, featured some of their biggest hits, “All I Want To Do,” “It Happens” and “Already Gone.”

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Most of Sugarland’s lyrics and songs come from an upbeat and “in love” perspective. “All I Want To Do” describes the over powering love she feels for her man:

“Let’s just lay here and be lazy / baby drive me crazy /All I want to do, All I want to do, is love you.”

These easygoing lyrics paired with an upbeat tune have helped to make Sugarland’s signature sound. Their newest fun loving song lyrics come from their hit “Stuck Like Glue.” This tune tells the story of a natural love and how even when there are bad days, love always proves to make the struggles worth it:

“When everybody, everybody said we never would / And just when I, I start to think they’re right / That love has died / There you go making my heart beat again, heart beat again, heart beat again.”

Songs and lyrics like these symbolize bright times and make for the ultimate summer love songs.  As spring washes into summer be sure to stay tuned to SeakGeek for new updates on Sugarland’s music.

Sugarland Discography

Album Release Date
Twice the Speed of Life 10/26/04
Enjoy the Ride 11/7/06
Love on the Inside 7/29/08
The Incredible Machine 10/19/10

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The band is currently not touring, but check back to SeatGeek for any breaking Sugarland tour news should it be announced.

Sugarland Video for “Tonight”