Talib Kweli New Album

Rapper-with-a-message Talib Kweli is back, having just released his fifth studio album. Prisoner of Conscious, whose title is a nod to Kweli’s reputation for being a “conscious” rapper (as opposed to a somnambulant one?) dropped May 7, to continuing favorable reviews. Known for his political and socially engaged lyrics, Kweli took a different – though no less artistic – approach to his latest effort: “On this album, the tracks I picked and the amount of live instrumentation I used was a little more focused on the world and me being a musician of the world, rather than me just being a hip-hop artist from Brooklyn,” he said.

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Which is all well and good, but will Brooklyn make the cut on Kweli’s upcoming tour? Or will his newfound citizen-of-the-world outlook keep him abroad for months on end? The rapper hasn’t announced any tour plans as of this writing, but as we well know, where there’s an album release, there’s bound to be a round of promotional shows not too far off. He’s scheduled a few one-off gigs in the months ahead, but be sure to keep checking back here for any and all Talib Kweli updates – including discount ticket links!

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Talib Kweli Past Setlist

Astronomy (8th Light)
Fix Up
Re: Definition
Children’s Story
This Means You
In This World
The Blast
The Embassy
K.O.S. (Determination)
Hater Players
Casa Bey
Get By
Umi Says

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