Tame Impala set out on the Rushium Tour on Monday, March 7 in Pittsburgh. After rescheduling dates in 2020 and 2021 due to COVID-19, the 17-date Rushium Tour will be the band’s first full-length U.S. tour in support of their newest release Slow Rush. We know Tame Impala have setlist staples (The Less I Know The Better and Eventually come to mind), but in our ideal world, the following tracks will be on the Rushium Tour setlist.

Instant Destiny

We know this feels like an odd place to start, considering “Instant Destiny” is not the most popular track off Slow Rush. But, hear us out — is it possible to not rock back and forth during the hook? The song has no initial build-up, jumping right into this hook with the first note. It’s catchy, in-your-face, and optimistic — a perfect addition to a setlist otherwise filled with slow builds and interludes. Not to mention, the lyrics “We can get a home in Miami / Go and get married / Tattoo your name on my arm” paint such a pretty, rock-and-roll picture of love.


“Patience” never found its way on a full-length release, but its Maurice Fulton remix sits underneath the Slow Rush B-Sides umbrella. Tame Impala released this track right before the Slow Rush album cycle, so it would be refreshing to see it on the setlist. While “Patience” is about the passing of time, how fleeting it feels, and why we’re always in a rush, the instrumentation just feels so good. You dance, sing along, and almost forget to wince at lyrics like “‘Cause time takes from everyone.”

New Person, Same Old Mistakes

You can pretend to be shocked now. We hope to never see “New Person, Same Old Mistakes” removed from the Tame Impala setlist. Notoriously a great closer, this track is designed for the live experience — it can turn any concert-goer into an immediate Tame Impala fan. Between the tempo changes, breakdowns, and classic layered vocals in the chorus, there’s a reason this non-single is a crowd favorite. While we expect to hear “The Less I Know The Better” and “Let It Happen” to represent Currents in the setlist, “New Person, Same Old Mistakes” deserves a spot right there with them.

Mind Mischief

A lot of original Tame Impala fans will claim Lonerism to be the best album. Lonerism is home to two of the band’s most popular songs to-date, “Elephant” and “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards.” We’d be ecstatic to hear those on the setlist, but will only offer a 5-star rating if “Mind Mischief” makes the cut, too. The track is a huge nod to 60’s rock music (I promise, we are not making that comparison) and jumps right into the catchy guitar riff behind layered vocals — a Tame Impala staple. The melodic shift from the verse to the refrain is one only the live experience can provide in full effect.