With an average resale price of $221 Friday and $269 Saturday, Taylor Swift’s shows are the most expensive secondary market concerts in the short history of Levi’s Stadium, topping performances by The Grateful Dead, One Direction and Kenny Chesney. However, ticket prices for the shows are seeing a big drop, as the median listing price for Saturday’s show has gone down 40 percent over the past month.

Saturday’s show is actually the second most expensive event in the stadium’s history so far, trailing only last year’s 49ers home opener against the Bears, which had an average resale price of $338. The only 49ers game for the upcoming season that is more expensive than Saturday’s T-Swift show is when they host the Packers in October. That game has an average resale price of $283.

Ticket prices do range throughout the stadium for Saturday’s show, depending on how close a fan wants to get to the stage. The most expensive seats are in the two floor sections that border the catwalk, where tickets are reselling for an average of $786. The average price of a seat on the rest of the floor is just $311. Those looking to save money can sit up in the 400-level, where the average resale price of a ticket is just $157.

Those who waited until the last minute to buy tickets may save a significant amount of money, as listing prices have taken a steep drop over the past few weeks. A month ago the median listing price for a ticket to Saturday’s show was $404, but today it is down to just $241, a drop of 40 percent. The same trend shows for the get-in price (cheapest tickets for sale), which have gone from $188 a month ago to $130 currently, a drop of 31 percent.

Returning to the San Francisco Bay Area for the first time since 2011, Swift has seen a large growth in popularity, and the ticket prices reflect that. When Swift played two shows at the SAP Center in San Jose in 2011 the average resale price of a ticket was $162. That’s 33 percent less than the current average resale price of the two Santa Clara shows, which are going for $243. This is especially impressive when considering the fact that Levi’s Stadium is a much larger venue than SAP Center.

While the shows in Santa Clara are certainly hot tickets, neither one is in the top 10 when it comes to the most expensive Taylor Swift stops of this tour. It’s actually T-Swift’s visit to Los Angeles Aug. 22 that currently has the most expensive tickets on the tour, with an average resale price of $320. Currently the cheapest stop of the tour will be in Lexington, Kentucky, when the average resale price for the Oct. 20 show is only $161.