Taylor Swift is steadily rolling out her new album Lover. If early singles and artwork are any indication, the moodier sound of her previous release,Β Reputation, has been replaced by maximalist pop of the “Shake It Off” variety. But even with deluxe album pre-orders and candy-coated visuals out in the world, T. Swift has yet to announce a tour.

When will she bring the new songs of Lover, her massive back-catalog of hits, and (presumably) her ever-growing amorphous squad of famous women back out on the road? Let’s put together what we know…

What has Swift been up to?

As mentioned, Swift has been steadily rolling out bits and pieces of Lover. She’s already shared “You Need to Calm Down,” “The Archer” and the Brendon Urie-featuring “Me!” The album drops on August 23.

She has announced a single performance, the day before the album is released, in Central Park. The performance is connected to the news program Good Morning America.

Beyond that, Swift is a cast member in the theatrical version of Cats.

What does history tell us?

Swift is a tour veteran, with five world tours under her belt. She took a three-year gap between the 1989 Tour and Reputation, but reviews of that 2018 trek were largely positive.

Swift has been known to put some space between her album’s release and the following tour. Fearless‘ tour began nearly 6 months after the album dropped. The Speak Now Tour started several months after that album was released. Red‘s tour was nearly a half-year after the drop date. She tends to release albums in the fall and tour in the spring of the next year. Going off of the pattern, Swift should tour sometime around March.

What are the current Taylor tour rumors?

Very little has been shared about the upcoming Lover tour, with most of the chatter coming from anxious Swifties hoping Taylor shares the dates already.

Taylor Swift historic ticket prices

Of course, once Taylor does announce the tour dates behind Lover, fans will likely be curious as to how much of their savings they’ll have to tap into to snag a ticket. Based on secondary market sales from her previous tours (beginning with the Speak Now World Tour in 2011), tickets will likely average around at least $200, with prices going higher or lower based on the success of the Lover album.

Tour Name Dates Average Resale Ticket Price
Speak Now World Tour 2/9/11 – 3/18/12 $146
The Red Tour 3/13/13 – 6/12/14 $173
The 1989 World Tour 5/5/15 – 12/12/15 $243
Reputation Stadium Tour 5/8/18 – 11/21/18 $191