It used to be that if you were a K-pop fan living in the United States, the closest you could get to your favorite groups was YouTube. But things have changed a lot in recent years. Thanks to social media and frequent artist online interaction, it’s become easier than ever for K-pop artists to expand their global reach. And with fans eager to see their favorite K-pop idols in the flesh, tour stops in the US are increasingly a reality for top Korean groups and solo artists.

If you’re a big fan of K-pop, then you’ll be happy to know several top artists and groups have tour stops throughout the United States this fall and winter! Here are six current and upcoming tours K-pop fans don’t want to miss.

B.A.P. “Forever” Tour

Back in July, B.A.P. announced their plans to tour America during the fall. “We are planning for the most memorable B.A.P. tour experience for our fans in North America!” If you’re new to B.A.P., the group is known for their catchy hip-hop sound, comparable to other K-pop acts like Big Bang. Their loyal fans, Babyz, have stood beside this talented group through the highs and lows, and will no doubt be glad to see their favorite group in person.

B.A.P will have their first U.S. concert on November 8, at the UC Theatre in Berkeley, California. The US leg of their tour will continue through November, after which, B.A.P. will head to Europe. Shop tickets here

Crush “Crush On You” Tour

Although known for memorable collaborations with singers and rappers like Dean and Zico, it’s easy to forget that Crush is a much admired and soulful singer in his own right. Luckily, Crush is right there to remind everyone with his own “Crush On You” tour. The tour will mark the first time the R&B artist, whose real name is Shin Hyo-seob, has performed in North America. His first U.S. stop will be at the Manhattan Center Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, on November 23. Shop tickets here

Minzy “Dance Break” Tour

If you were a big fan of the K-pop girl group 2NE1, you’ll be glad to know former member Minzy (also known by her real name, Gong Min-ji) continued her music career as a solo artist. She’s a talented performer and dancer, so it’s hardly any surprise she named her upcoming North American tour “Dance Break.”

It’s her first solo North American tour, which is slated to run from November 21 through December 9. Minzy’s first stop is in San Francisco. Fans can expect to see her “flashy dance movements,” inspired by hip-hop, reggaeton, and Latin music. Shop tickets here

Day6 “Youth” World Tour

Although boy groups and girl groups tend to be the most popular and known aspects of Korean idol music, Day6 stands apart as a very unique band with memorable pop-rock tunes. Earlier this year the group announced their first world tour, which includes stops in the United States. American fans of the pop-rock group can next catch them on November 11 at the State Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Shop tickets here

Amber Liu “Gone Rogue” Tour

Amber Liu, member of F(x), hasn’t been idle during her group’s hiatus. She teamed with members of Pentatonix and also put out a mixtape called “Rogue Rouge.” Amber is now heading out on tour in support of her solo music projects. Special guest R&B artist Justin Park joins Amber as a special guest. You can next catch her in Chicago on December 5. Shop tickets here

Teen Top “Teen Top Night In USA” Tour

Promising K-pop boy band Teen Top have had some tough competition in the market, but even so, they’re slowing growing a loyal fan base around the world. The five-member group announced a special “Night in the USA” North American leg to their world tour this fall after hitting four European countries back in April. The group will finish the year with December 13 and 14 stops in Atlanta, Georgia before moving on to New Jersey. Shop tickets here

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