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As a guitarist that was heavily influenced by Kirk Hammett and Dave Mustaine’s style, I got the chills trying to imagine both my favorite guitarists on stage during the same night. If you were ever a fan of thrash metal, you probably got the same feeling I did when you saw that the Big 4 Tour was coming to Yankee Stadium.

Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax are teaming up to bring fans a dose of in your face, headbanging music on September 14th at Yankee Stadium. Having played one other show in the US on the West Coast, there’s no doubt that fans will travel from all over the east coast to see their favorite artists perform in the Bronx.

Seeing Metallica and Megadeth on stage together was unforeseeable in the past, as their musical rivalries created a fast race to be the faster and heavier band. In early 1983, lead guitarist Dave Mustaine was kicked out of Metallica due to drug and alcohol abuse — who with slight vengeance created Megadeth. Since Megadeth’s earliest hit, “Mechanix,” Mustaine has released and won awards for nothing short of virtuosity for “Rust in Peace,” “Hangar 18” (a personal favorite), “Angry Again,” “Trust,” and more. Megadeth broke into the scene with their critical and commercial breakthrough album, “Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying?” selling more than a million copies in the US alone. Metallica responded with “…And Justice for all,” which received Metallica’s first Grammy nomination.

With a slightly heavier affiliation, Slayer has a more distinct and explicit style of the Big 4, with graphic lyrics and grisly artwork that has set standards for hordes of emerging thrash bands. Slayer has been nominated for five Grammy awards and has won two in 2007 and 2008 for “Eyes of Insane” and “Final Six” respectively, for Best Metal Performance. For Anthrax, the only band of the Big 4 to be from the east coast music scene, the Yankee Stadium show will be treated as a homecoming. Anthrax is getting ready to release their new album on Sept 13, so there is no doubt you’ll be in for a special show on Sept 14.

Why the “Big 4” are the Big 4

At SeatGeek we believe secondary ticket prices are great indicators of band popularity as well as demand to see the show. From doing a price comparison with other notable heavy metal/hard rock festivals, we saw that the Big 4 ticket prices truly tower above other similar show. While the west coast show gave an average ticket price of $257.90, the Yankee Stadium ticket prices are expected to rise from $313.

Ticket Price Comparison

OzzFest 2011 tour, which featured Ozzy Osbourne, Motley Crue, Devil Driver, Black Label Society, and Devil Driver had surprisingly low prices for the diversity of bands that were at the show. The UPROAR Festival which has a single headliner, Avenged Sevenfold, had higher average ticket prices than Mayhem Festival which featured Disturbed, Godsmack, and Megadeth.

It’s interesting to see that although Megadeth is part of the Big 4, when isolated from the others, they have less prowess over ticket prices. It’s also important to note that Metallica has the largest fan base out of the Big 4, which must be considered when looking at ticket prices.  Lastly, all the shows are approximately the same length in time. In fact, the Big 4 is slightly shorter than the other festivals, yet still creates the highest ticket demand.

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