The Cure Tour 2013

Eighties goth-rock icons The Cure recently announced a string of upcoming tour dates, releasing an itinerary that includes several festival appearances and one anticipated stint in Hawaii. The band first shot to fame in the late ’70s when they dropped their debut album, Three Imaginary Boys. While this and several other of their earliest releases were characterized by a gloomy post-punk sensibility they helped popularize in the UK, the eighties – arguably their heyday – saw The Cure adding a little pop to their sound, a risk that proved a winning, and clearly endurable, formula.

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The first of The Cure’s summer and fall concerts kicks off this July in Ansan, KR, at the Ansan Valley Rock Festival. This festival appearance will soon be followed by similar stops in Japan, Hawaii (their first-ever show in the region), Canada, Chicago, and Austin, TX, at Fuji Rock Festival, the Neil Blaisdell Center Arena, Osheaga Festival, Lollapalooza, and Austin City Limits, respectively. Tickets to a few of these international and high-profile gigs are on sale now, but as this latest leg only includes a few stops, be sure to keep checking back with us if/when The Cure tack on even more tour dates!

The Cure Tickets and Tour Dates 2013

The Cure Concerts 2013

Date City Country/State Venue
7/26/2013 Ansan KR  Ansan Valley Rock Festival
7/28/2013 Niigata Prefecture JP  Fuji Rock Festival
7/30/2013 Honolulu HI Neil Blaisdell Center Arena
8/2/2013 Montreal QC  Osheaga Festival
8/4/2013 Chicago IL  Lollapalooza
10/4/2013 Austin TX  Austin City Limits
10/5/2013 Austin TX  Austin City Limits
10/6/2013 Austin TX  Austin City Limits
10/11/2013 Austin TX  Austin City Limits
10/12/2013 Austin TX  Austin City Limits
10/13/2013 Austin TX  Austin City Limits

The Cure Video

The Cure: “Lovesong”