As promised, The-Dream dropped Fourplay’s first single yesterday (2/14): “Slow It Down.” You can listen to a live stream of the song – which, with its timely refrain, demands “Enough with the mother-f***ing dance songs/You gotta slow it down” – here.

The-Dream Tour 2013

Producer extraordinaire and singer/songwriter in his own right, The-Dream will release his fourth LP this May. Better known for co-writing the Top 40 hits of today’s radio mainstays – including the ubiquitous “Umbrella” by Rihanna, anthemic “Single Ladies” by Beyonce, and the song behind the face that launched a thousand shrieks, “Baby” by Justin Bieber – the pop savant has yet to enjoy the same level of recording success as his many collaborators.


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Because with Fourplay, 2013 just might be The-Dream’s solo year. He’s already started off strong, albeit in the context of another collaboration: Terius Youngdell Nash, as the musician was christened, recently won a Grammy award for his song with The Throne (Jay-Z and Kanye West) featuring Frank Ocean,No Church in the Wild.” Hoping to keep the successful momentum going, Dream will release his upcoming album’s first track, “Slow It Down,” this Thursday on the national slow-jam holiday of the year: Valentine’s Day

When it comes to production on Fourplay, The-Dream has reportedly been forced to follow the directive of his latest single, and proceed slowly: Helping Beyonce finish her own upcoming album has kept him on the wrong side of the recording-studio glass. Regardless, the music industry’s MVP has promised his fans a May 7 release date, which, hopefully, means not even Queen Bs and killer egos (he’s also begun work on the followup to Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy) will delay the record’s debut.

We’ll have all the updates once The-Dream announces those inevitable 2013 tour dates!

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The Dream Concerts

None have been announced yet, but look for more updates once the singer/producer’s new album drops.

The-Dream Avg. Ticket Prices

City State Venue Name Date Avg. Price
East Rutherford NJ MetLife Stadium 6/6/2010 $162.09
Englewood CO Comfort Dental Amphitheatre 6/11/2010 $97.20
Ottawa ON Ottawa Bluesfest 7/6/2010 $75.00
New York NY S.O.B.’s 3/11/2012 $55.00
Silver Spring MD The Fillmore Silver Spring 3/17/2012 $76.56

The-Dream Discography

Year Album
2007 Love Hate
2009 Love vs. Money
2010 Love King
2012 Terius Nash: 1997
2013 Fourplay

The-Dream Past Setlist

Track Song
1 Intro
2 Shawty is the ****
3 Fast Car
4 Nikki
5 Falsetto
6 Kill the Lights (ft. Casha)
7 All of the Lights (Casha)
8 My Love
9 I Luv Your Girl
10 Beat the P*$$y Up
11 Ditch That
12 Walkin’ on the Moon
13 Love King
14 Purple Kisses
15 Gangsta Luv
16 Throw It in the Bag
17 Fancy
18 Right Side of My Brain
19 Used to Be
20 Roc
21 Rockin that ****
22 Let Me See the Booty

The-Dream Videos

The-Dream: “Love King”

The-Dream: “Rockin’ That Thang”

The-Dream ft. Young Jeezy: “I Love Your Girl”