While numerous musical acts continue to seek refuge in ubiquitous synths, The Postelles instead dig deeper into their blues roots. Their sound finds itself at the crossroads of rock, blues, soul, and a strong mix of pop sensibilities that make their hooks infectious. On September 4th, The Postelles released their first single ‘Running Red Lights’ from the upcoming sophomore album. The rest of the album is not expected until 2013. Frontman Daniel Balk took the time to respond to some questions about their work, a Woody Allen music video, Super Bowl predictions and more…

SG: How do you describe the new music you have written/recorded for your 2nd album? Is it a departure from previous tracks? If so, in what ways?

DB: I would say the second album is more thought out in terms of a shift in layering and the recording process. We really just wanted our first album to be a version of our live show, but this record was definitely a studio album.

What does it mean to you to be independent of a large record distribution company?
It means having the creative freedom to record and write when we want to. That’s probably the most important part of being in a band.

SG: What makes your music rock ‘n roll?
I would say the fact that our main influences come from Blues and in turn Rock n’ Roll. Genres are pretty silly, but our main influences are a part of that genre.

SG: When did you write ‘Running Red Lights’?
I would say ‘Running Red Lights’ was one of the first songs written for this album. I probably wrote it not so long after the first album was released.

SG: How does the process of touring/traveling to new places influence you as band members (given the proximity and duration that you share), as musicians (the bands/sounds you hear), and as people?
Seeing new places and traveling across different countries influences the way you think and the our life experiences in tremendous ways. We definitely like to use our sound checks on tour to practice new songs, which I don’t see many bands do. It actually surprises me that bands don’t use that time to practice something new as the sound is always great and gives you something new to think about on the road.

SG: Where is the farthest/weirdest you have traveled for a show? Any memorable anecdotes about strange fans or wild crowds?
We’ve travelled across the US a few times so that would definitely be the furthest. In terms of strange or wild shows, we once played a house party in Montreal that got shut down by the cops. There were four bands that night and every musician had travelled long distances to get there. We all had to carry our gear up these long stairs into this tiny house. We were the first band on and the crowd went so wild that the cops shut it down. We felt really bad for the bands after as their shows were cancelled that night.

SG: Which is you favorite city/venue to perform?
There are a bunch of cities we love performing in, but one venue that sticks out is the 9:30 Club in DC. It’s got a great vibe to it and everyone who works there is very kind.

SG: If you could choose any director to collaborate with on a music video who would it be and why?
No question it would be Woody Allen because he is truly one of my idols.He knows how to mix humor with drama in a very unique way that influences my lyrics a great deal.

SG: What is your favorite guitar ? What tone(s)/sounds does it possess that make it your axe of choice?
It all depends on the song. A strat is great for touring as it’s really durable and the sound will mix well if David, the lead guitarist, is playing his Gibson. Sometimes he changes to a Jazzmaster, so I switch to a Les Paul which has a warmer sound in my opinion.  

SG: How do you see your live performances evolving?
As we have more songs, it’s fun to play with set lists and see how different crowds react to different songs. That’s a very important and undervalued quality of a show, the set list. Sometimes we don’t even make one, but a set list can give the entire show a certain vibe. We’ve thought more and more about the order of songs as we keep playing.

SG: What is your Super Bowl prediction?
I’m a Jets fan but I’m not stupid enough to pick them, so I’d like to go with the Giants. If I had to put money on it, I’d say the Packers or Patriots.

The Postelles 2012 Tour Dates


  • 14 – Williamsburg, NY @ Cameo Gallery w/Rumors and Dances


  • *19 – Allendale, MI @ Grand Valley University
  • *21 – Chicago, IL @ Metro
  • *23 – Stroudsburg, PA@ Sherman Theater
  • *24 – Philadelphia, PA @ Union Transfer
  • *25 – New York, NY @ Best Buy Theatre
  • *26 – Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom
  • *27 – Boston, MA @ House of Blues
  • *28 – Washington, DC @ The Howard Theatre
  • *30 – Charlotte, NC @ Amos’ Southend Music Hall
  • *31 – Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade


  • *2 – Lake Buena Vista, FL @ House of Blues
  • *3 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL @ Revolution
  • *4 – Gainesville, FL @ Double Down
  • *6 – Nashville, TN @ Rocketown
  • *8 – New Orleans, LA @ House of Blues
  • *9 – Houston, TX @ Warehouse Live
  • *10 – Austin, TX @ Emo’s
  • *11 – Dallas, TX @ House of Blues
  • *13 – Tulsa, OK @ Cain’s Ballroom
  • *14 – Kansas City, MO @ The Beaumont Club
  • *16 – Denver, CO @ Summit Music Hall
  • *17 – Salt Lake City, UT @ In The Venue
  • *19 – San Francisco, CA @ The Regency Ballroom
  • *20 – Los Angeles, CA @ House of Blues
  • *21 – Santa Ana, CA @ Yost Theater
  • *23 – San Diego, CA @ Soma
  • *24 – Tempe, AZ @ The Marquee

* With The Maine and Mayday Parade