After almost 20 years together, Swedish rockers The Soundtrack of Our Lives are going their separate, perhaps solo, ways. The band announced their sixth studio album, Throw it to the Universe was in fact their last, as is their current European tour.

Although many in the States might not know the band by name, avid videogame fans are no strangers to their ’60s psychedelic-rock sound. “Sister Surround” was included in the soundtrack to EA Sports MVP Baseball 2003, while the song “Karmageddon” was part of EA Sports’ NHL 2005 and Fifa Football 2005.

For those living or touring abroad, here’s the full concert schedule for The Soundtrack of Our Lives’ farewell tour. Tickets aren’t currently available on the secondary market, but check out the bands’ official website for more info.

The Soundtrack of Our Lives Tour Dates 2012

Date City Country Venue
7/26/2012 Piteå Sweden Piteå dansar och ler 
7/27/2012 Fredrikstad Sweden Månefestivalen
7/28/2012 Sala Sweden Salafestvialen
8/22/2012 Malmö Sweden Malmöfestivalen
8/24/2012 Falkenberg Sweden Stålboms
8/30/2012 Stockholm Sweden Mosebacketerrassen
8/31/2012 Göteborg Sweden Liseberg 
9/10/2012 London UK iTunes Music Festival 
9/13/2012 London UK Heaven (Billed as “the last UK show ever”) 
9/21/2012 Linköping Sweden Garden Konsert & Kongress 
9/22/2012 Eskilstuna Sweden Lokomotivet

The Soundtrack of Our Lives: “Sister Surround”

The Soundtrack of Our Lives:”Karmaggedon”