With a three-day pass reselling for an average of $1,252, and each of the shows selling for an average of more than $575 each, the Grateful Dead “Fare Thee Well” Chicago shows are the most expensive concerts of the year. The weekend will be far and away the biggest music event in the past five years, with more than an estimated $12 million spent on the secondary market for the shows.

Of the three shows, the Sunday July 5th show is currently the most expensive, with an average resale price of $692 per ticket. Saturday’s show is coming in at an average of $653, while Friday’s show is the least expensive of the bunch, with an average resale price of $597.

For both the three-day pass, and each individual show, prices have dropped over the past month as the performances approach. A month ago the cheapest three-day pass for sale cost $754, but today that number is down to $490, a decrease of 35 percent. The median listing price for the Sunday show was $782 a month ago, but is down to $527 today, a decrease of 33 percent.

Grateful Dead Secondary Market Average Ticket Price

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All three of the Chicago Fare Thee Well shows are the most expensive concerts of the year, topping everything from the Academy of County Music Awards concert in Dallas to AC/DC in Edmonton.

Those looking to get as close as possible to the band will pay a premium, as the average price for a general admission pit ticket is $1,197 per show. The second most expensive area to sit in is the lower bowl seats, which run for an average of $879 per night. Those looking for something cheaper can opt for the seats behind the stage, but even in that location without a view a 200 level seat has cost an average of $368, and a 300 level seat has cost an average of $354.

With an average price of $1,252 for a three-day pass, tickets to this set of Grateful Dead shows are more expensive than some season tickets for the Chicago Bears, the usual tenants of Soldier Field. The most expensive season tickets in the 400 level at Soldier Field sell for $1,010, more than $200 less than the average three-day pass. In fact, season tickets to sit in the lower level behind the end zone cost $1,150, still less than the pass to all three shows sells for on average. A three-day pass for the pit is reselling for an average of $3,448, approaching the cost of the average Super Bowl XLIX ticket, which went for $4,271. You could have purchased a pair of tickets to Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Final, which had an average price of $1,426 each, for less than the price of a single three-day pit pass.

Grateful Dead ‘Fare Thee Well’ Tickets

Ticket prices for the shows in Chicago are much higher than those for the two shows in California this weekend. The Saturday show at Levi’s Stadium has an average resale price of $168, while the Sunday show has an average resale price of $155. Both of these shows are seeing steep price drops in the days leading up to the performance. A month ago the median list price for Saturday’s show was $295, and today it is down to $144.

With three shows in three nights over a holiday weekend, Grateful Dead fans from around the country are making the trip to Soldier Field. Just 20 percent of the people looking to buy tickets on SeatGeek live in Illinois. New York has the second most prospective buyers, with 12 percent of the web traffic coming from the Empire State. Ohio (7 percent), Arizona (5 percent) and Florida (4 percent) round out the top five.